to the Talisman Quest web site. If you are new to the site, I hope you find many things to hold your interest and enhance your next game of Talisman. If you are returning here, there are some new things to play with and enjoy, including a new look and layout. Of course, the update is not (and probably will never be) finished yet. Please bear with me.
Part of the revamp of this site has been a division of its sections into parts devoted to the Second and Third Editions of Talisman as well as those things that either have aspects of both or do not otherwise fit into either. Included on this page - and in the menu in the upper-right hand area are selections for this last category.
Also, at the bottom of the surrounding frame there are links to my e-mail, my Guest Book, and my hit counter. I should also note the disclaimer is placed there as well.
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