The Talisman Polish Conversions

Talisman has been translated and published in a variety of languages: French, Italian, Hebrew, Swedish, German... even this partial list is quite impressive. In all cases, the game was converted directly into its new language quite directly. All captions were translated and pasted into the graphics of the original English version, either 2nd or 3rd Edition. The one notable exception to this is the set published in Poland. The translations were there, of course, but all the art was replaced with new work. The Polish version is reminiscent of the 1st Edition; the same parts were in color or in black and white for both sets. Also, there are a number of cards unique to the Polish set as well as a completely unique expansion: the Cave.

What I have done is to convert the Polish cards back into English so English-speakers can enjoy this new (for us) artwork. I have also had help in converting some of it into French and hope to continue from there. My ultimate goal is to make these sets available to whomever would like them in any language they would want. It is worth noting that there are some minor variations between the English and Polish editions, such as items being magic or not depending on which set you look at. Also, I tried very hard to find a typeface that matched that of the original card backs and think I managed to come very close using Calisto MT and manually condensing the letters.

Critical comments: While I think the artwork on the cards is very good, even if in B&W, I am afraid the board artwork is about as bad as in the original Timescape set. Of all the Talisman 2nd Edition expansions, this one ranks last in my book. "What is wrong with doing no better than the original?" you may ask. Well, all of the other boards I have seen from this version are about the same and so are worse than the rest of the set. On the brighter side, the high quality of the cards is maintained. There are the usual assortment of translation issues (the Chainsaw Warrior card seems to have been translated as the Space or Cosmic Warrior - the Ghoul and Ghost cards have the same illustrations as they are translated into Polish using the same word).

I do not plan on posting every single card from this set as there are a number that are not different in any way from the originals, not even the artwork. These include the cards from the second White Dwarf article (the first was never translated, as far as I know) and the Character cards from the City. There seem to be one or two cards that were not translated (Warrior of Chaos and Dragon Venom) as well as an entirely new set (the Cave) which includes cards for a variety of decks as well as a board and deck of its own.

Special thanks to Jon New for the scans, without which this project would never have worked. More thanks to my crew of translators. I will be calling on them again, soon. In no particular order, they are: Kristi Long, Corp, Pietia, and Zygmunt Borzyminski. Without their selfless contributions to this project, there would be less joy to share.

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